Veganically Grown Food

In March 2017 VAVA launched a veganic farming initiative, encouraging farmers and gardeners to transition to a totally plant-based agricultural system, and encouraging buyers and eaters of food to look for veganically grown food.

The word veganic merges “vegan” with “organic.” Like organic growing, veganic growing does not use any of the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetically engineered materials, sewage sludge, or irradiated materials that are used by conventional growers; and it emphasizes maintaining the health of the soil in order to grow healthy plants. However, veganic growing goes beyond organic growing in that it endeavors to eliminate use of animal-derived inputs. [Kelle Kersten, veganic farmer, Julian, PA].

VAVA’s initiative will make available veganic produce for the vegan community and anyone else who desires produce that is grown without any inputs from the livestock industry. Many vegans are conflicted when they have no choice but to purchase produce that has been grown using manure, blood meal, bone meal, and fish emulsions that are by-products of animal agriculture. Buying or even accepting free of charge these by-products helps support an industry that is creating environmental disaster as well as much animal suffering. VAVA will provide literature, contacts with current veganic farmers, and marketing assistance to sell veganic produce to the vegan community.  Any farmers or gardeners who would like information about this please contact us at

Veganic Agriculture – The Missing Link

It’s Time to Plant a Seed for a New Movement

Change happens through action and awareness. Spread the word on social media. Talk to your Community Supported Agriculture or Farmer’s Market farmer. Call a food company or email them. Leave a note when you eat at restaurants.  It’s so important to do this in a way that leaves a positive impression. No one wants to change when they are made to feel wrong. Thank you for making a difference!

Veganic Farming Resources