Central Pennsylvania Veg Fests postponed to 2022

VAVA will host two Veg Fests in Central Pennsylvania!  Because of COVID 19 the Veg Fests have been postponed to 2022; check back later for dates as the situation becomes more clear in 2022.        1. Lewistown PA Veg Fest        2. State College PA Veg Fest  Both events will feature […]

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We all need to be eating vegan diets in order to stop climate change

Among the solutions to the climate change crisis, switching to a plant-based diet is an essential one. Since animal agriculture is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, we cannot stop climate change without very widespread rejection of animal agriculture around the world. Yes, we need systemic, institutional and policy changes to tackle […]

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Definitive Guide to Being Vegan

Healthline has a guide to being vegan on their site.  The guide explains veganism, the impact of animal products on our bodies and the planet, the inhumanity of animal products, basics for a vegan diet and the challenges that come with it. The guide has been medically reviewed for accuracy. It’s a great place to […]

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food justice

Food Justice: The Real Victims

Why promote veganism?  Why ask individuals to consider making changes in their food choices, rather than work for change in institutions and government? And how to respond if people take offense at being asked to consider the ethical issues behind their daily choices? This thought-provoking guest post by Sarina Farb addresses these questions. Ms Farb […]

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Veganic Farming Initiative

In March 2017 VAVA launched a veganic farming initiative, encouraging farmers and gardeners to transition to a totally plant-based agricultural system, and encouraging buyers and eaters of food to look for veganically grown food. The word veganic merges “vegan” with “organic.” Like organic growing, veganic growing does not use any of the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetically […]

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farmers mkkt

Why I Buy All I Can at Farmers’ Markets

by George Eisman, MA, MS, Registered Dietitian, author of The Most Noble Diet: Food Selection and Ethics Fresh produce is the healthiest food for us, and I choose to buy all that I can from local farmers at area farmers’ markets. There are many reasons for which I do this, including, of course, that it […]

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King Carb

A Registered Dietitian explains why carbs in their natural form are the human body’s preferred fuel source by George Eisman, RD  (co-written with Claire Holzner, MA) For many years carbohydrates have been maligned as something to avoid in our diets. It’s time to set this notion to rest, and appreciate the value of carbohydrates as […]

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Veganic Gardening continued

A second guest post by Kelle Kersten on veganic gardening. VEGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENING BASICS Part 1 – What Plants Need to Grow The ideal garden plot would be in the open, and would have loam soil (intermediate in texture between clay and sand) with a small amount of organic matter (plant and animal residues at […]

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humane meat

“Humane” meat

We know that factory farms are terrible places. Animals are crammed by the thousands into sheds, bred and manipulated in unnatural ways, and usually killed before they are fully-grown adults. These huge farms also produce immense amounts of pollution, all for the sake of meat and dairy products which are often contaminated –- so we […]

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Growing Ahimsa Veganically

A guest post by Kelle Kersten, a friend and a compassionate person who is very knowledgeable about growing good food and causing the least harm to others in the process. In 2005 my husband and I set out to create Ahimsa Village, a vegan community and sustainable living education center, in the mountains of central […]

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