Reasons to Go Veg

About us veg-heads

Go veg for humanity, the planet, animals, and ourselves

Average meat consumption in the U.S. has decreased 10% in the past few years. Why are more and more people choosing to go veg?

• Go veg for humanity:

Many more people can be fed on a vegan diet than on a meat- and dairy-centered diet.  About 800 million people worldwide are suffering from hunger or malnutrition, while the majority of corn and soy grown in the world is fed to cattle, pigs, and chickens.  This is tragically wasteful, since it takes about ten pounds of plant protein to produce one pound of animal protein.

• Go veg for the planet:

Animal agriculture causes at least 18% of climate change emissions — more than all forms of transportation combined — according to a UN report. Another report states that a sustainable future “would only be possible with a worldwide diet change, away from animal products.”

•Go veg for animals:

Around ten billion farm animals are slaughtered for food in the U.S. every year. 99% of the meat, dairy, and eggs in grocery stores come from cruel factory farms.

•And….go veg for you:

Eating plants instead of animals reduces your risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. All of your nutrient needs can be more safely met on a plant-based diet. On our website  you’ll find information on how easy it is to get all the protein, calcium, iron, and other nutrients that you need.

It is easier and more convenient than ever to eat plants instead of animals. Ready-made vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products are now widely available in grocery stores. On a plant-based diet, you’ll lower your risk for health problems which require expensive medical treatment.

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