Eating for Your Health and the Health of the Planet

earthRegistered Dietitian George Eisman gives presentations on “Eating for Your Health and the Health of the Planet” at two Penn State campuses

On November 19 and 20, 2013, VAVA sponsored presentations at the Penn State – Altoona campus and the main State College campus respectively.  Audiences of 35 – 40 students and community members each evening listened as Mr. Eisman presented facts about the compelling motivations for choosing a plant-based, whole foods diet. Discussed were: human health (plant foods reduce our risk of cancer and other serious illnesses), environmental (plant foods require far less land, water, and fuel to produce than do meat and dairy products), social justice (if everyone in the world ate a plant-based diet, we could easily eliminate food shortages around the world), and compassion for animals (Mr Eisman described the sad facts of how, on conventional dairy farms, cows are constantly impregnated to  force their bodies to produce  more milk than they normally would, often become osteoporotic from calcium loss, and then slaughtered at a young age to be turned into cheap hamburger meat).  Mr. Eisman’s three books, The Most Noble Diet, Food Choices and Cancer, and A Basic Course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition, as well  as T shirts with the messages “Dairy is not necessary” on one side and “Vegan for all life” on the other, were sold after the presentations.

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