On Beyond Vegetarian – LOVE


Beyond not partaking in products made from animals’ bodies, we can also choose kinder foods in these ways:

L-O-V-E– Local, Organic, Vegan, Ethical


Less transport; Support your neighbors.  Eat what’s in season in your region. Be creative: every salad does not have to include lettuce.


Better for workers and environment.  Even better: Veganic, or Certified naturally grown. Even better: wild edibles — when you find edible plants growing wild, there’s no disturbing of soil and the life therein, and no fertilizer needed.


The horrors of the dairy and egg industries are well documented. Fish feel pain too.   “Happy meat” (or “humane meat”)  is a myth. Local, organic, or “sustainable” meat still results from unnecessary suffering and death.

Ethical (e.g., Fair Trade)

Local is better, but for “must-have” products that cannot be grown locally, assure a good wage and good working conditions (organic or equivalent)…. eg, bananas, coffee. Try not to be a party to the causes of global hunger — the poor countries feed the rich around the world.